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  • Lasagne Theo's way


    Lasagne is another favourite from my childhood. The Greek version (Pastitsio) is with Bucatini pasta, but the principle is the same. If you attempt this recipe from scratch like I did, be prepared to spend some hours in the kitchen. The result is totally worth it though.

  • Lentil Soup


    Lentil Soup

    Living in the UK, I notice that everywhere you go they serve blended soup in a cup. I can understand the convenience for people who want to have it on the go, but sometimes you just need to spend a bit more time enjoying your food. This is a chunky, healthy and relatively quick soup to prepare.

  • Linguine with Pesto


    VIDEO - This is one of my favourite pasta dishes, as I love basil and is possibly one of the quickest ones to prepare. This should make enough sauce for a 500 gr packet of pasta. This recipe is 100 times better if you pick the basil from your back garden in the summer somewhere in the Mediterranean. Every time I go back home in Greece I cook this at least once, but living in “sunny” UK I have to rely on what is available here…

  • Linguine with Pink Sauce


    There are some days were you need a quick and easy solution to feed your family. The sauce is ready by the time you boil your water and cook your pasta. I only noticed after I took the photos, that the main ingredients of my sauce are also “engraved” on my plate 

  • Mexican Tacos


    Mexican Tacos with mince beef, guacamole and salsa

    A typical Mexican dish. There are countless of varieties and options in regards to the filling. It is definitely a sharing dish ideal for parties. This is my interpretation.

  • Mushroom soup (Magiritsa)


    Mushroom soup with greens (Magiritsa)

    Traditionally Magiritsa is prepared in Greece, but instead of mushrooms, with Lamb offal. Magititsa is the Easter soup, which is eaten on Easter Eve right after church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and to break the fast which lasted for 40 days. The next day on Easter Sunday nearly every household spin roasts a whole lamb. The Magirtisa version I will show you is a vegetarian version that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

  • My Perfect Omelette


    Eggs are a great source of protein and there are numerous ways to cook them. It is our typical breakfast on the weekend and I like to experiment with different recipes, with the egg being the star. I will show you today how I make my perfect omelette.

  • My Ultimate Burger


    There are thousands of recipes for burgers out there, but my favourite is the one below. I like my burger to be herbal and lift it with my amazing sauce. By the way you can have a great tasting burger without the mayo…

  • Orzoto with vegetables


    Orzoto with mushrooms and asparagus

    This is a risotto with a twist, as instead of rice I have used orzo pasta. This has become really trendy in the last few years in Greece. I love the taste of Orzo pasta.

  • Ramen Soup


    Theo’s Ramen noodle soup with tuna, prawns and vegetables

    I remember the first time I tried a bowl of Ramen in London, I fell in love ever since. I am aware that the “proper” Ramen requires hours and hours of preparation, the right ingredients and of course the right experience. I have tried it before to compose all the various elements (chicken fat, pork fat, Shio Tare, Katsuobushi salt, double soup, rye noodles, Menma and pork belly Chashu as per “Ivan Orkin”) and I spent 4 days of preparation, the end result was amazing, but realistically unless you have a Ramen restaurant it is probably a lot of work to do it “properly” on a regular basis. I have found the way below to make my Ramen relatively fast and really tasty.

  • Ratatouille


    A classic French dish with many interpretations. I “copied” the one from the pixar movie. It is obviously a recipe that requires tender love and time to prepare. It is a great way to inspire your kids to get involved with the cooking and also eat the vegetables (just make sure they watch the movie the day before).

  • Roasted burgers & Potatoes


    VIDEO - Roasted burgers and potatoes

    This is not the prettiest dish, but it is probably in the top 5 for most Greek children. Simplicity and good ingredients is what elevates this “humble” dish.

  • Spaghetti Meatballs


    This is a classic Italian dish,that everybody looks forward to. This is my interpretation. 

  • Stuffed Mushrooms


    I absolutely love mushrooms in any shape or form. Once combined with cream and cheese you have a heavenly blend. This is a great appetizer that will definitely impress your family and friends. I used Forestiere mushrooms, but really most mushrooms will do the trick.

  • The 12 hour Lamb


    As today is Easter and traditionally in Greece we eat lamb, I will show you how to make a 12 hour slow roast lamb that just melts in your mouth. I served mine with aubergine puree, baked baby potatoes, roast red peppers, tzatziki sauce and a crispy parmesan disc. The recipe for the lamb is inspired by my father, you can see his recipe at the bottom of this page.  

  • Theo's Salad


    VIDEO - This is one of my wife’s favourite salads. Of course there is no rule as to what to include in the body of the salad, but please try this dressing.

  • Theo's Stir-fry


    Theo's stir fry with vegetables and King Prawns - VIDEO*

    This is a suprisingly quick dish to prepare with endless variations. This can be prepared with any leftovers you have in the fridge. This is how I make it

  • Triple Chocolate Cake


    Triple chocolate cake with Mascarpone and coconut cream

    Today is my wife’s birthday, so I decided to make her a cake. She loves chocolate and coconut, so I think this cake was right up her alley. This is not my recipe, the recipe belongs to Akis Petretzikis who I really admire.

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