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  • Triple Chocolate Cake


    Triple chocolate cake with Mascarpone and coconut cream

    Today is my wife’s birthday, so I decided to make her a cake. She loves chocolate and coconut, so I think this cake was right up her alley. This is not my recipe, the recipe belongs to Akis Petretzikis who I really admire.

  • Guacamole


    Guacamole is a very healthy dip and it is really quick and easy to make. It is great for dipping nachos or to accompany your Mexican recipes. 

  • Lasagne Theo's way


    Lasagne is another favourite from my childhood. The Greek version (Pastitsio) is with Bucatini pasta, but the principle is the same. If you attempt this recipe from scratch like I did, be prepared to spend some hours in the kitchen. The result is totally worth it though.

  • Homemade Pizza


    VIDEO - Everybody loves pizza. It is probably one of the most versatile dishes as there are thousands of variations and of course numerous of recipes for the dough. I will not try and convince you that my recipe is the traditional or the original as many do, but I promise you it will be really delicious and it will make you think twice before you order another pizza.

  • Linguine with Pink Sauce


    There are some days were you need a quick and easy solution to feed your family. The sauce is ready by the time you boil your water and cook your pasta. I only noticed after I took the photos, that the main ingredients of my sauce are also “engraved” on my plate 

  • Celeriac Mash


    I have only recently tried celeriac mash and I was really amazed by its delicate, velvety smooth flavour. I have always been a fan of mash potatoes, but this one accompanied by the right dish is amazing. It is also really simple to make.

  • My Perfect Omelette


    Eggs are a great source of protein and there are numerous ways to cook them. It is our typical breakfast on the weekend and I like to experiment with different recipes, with the egg being the star. I will show you today how I make my perfect omelette.

  • Beef & Vegetable soup


    I love soups….. I find soups are great because they always have to tell a story. This soup is another childhood favourite. I have developed the recipe over the years and it is ideal for a cold winter day… This is one of the recipes that the slower you cook the better the result and it always tastes better on the following day.

  • Chicken Stock


    Today I want to talk about a basic recipe, which can be used in endless recipes and will bring your final dish on a different level. I will show you how to make beautiful chicken stock.

  • My Ultimate Burger


    There are thousands of recipes for burgers out there, but my favourite is the one below. I like my burger to be herbal and lift it with my amazing sauce. By the way you can have a great tasting burger without the mayo…

  • Theo's Salad


    VIDEO - This is one of my wife’s favourite salads. Of course there is no rule as to what to include in the body of the salad, but please try this dressing.

  • Orzoto with vegetables


    Orzoto with mushrooms and asparagus

    This is a risotto with a twist, as instead of rice I have used orzo pasta. This has become really trendy in the last few years in Greece. I love the taste of Orzo pasta.

  • Linguine with Pesto


    VIDEO - This is one of my favourite pasta dishes, as I love basil and is possibly one of the quickest ones to prepare. This should make enough sauce for a 500 gr packet of pasta. This recipe is 100 times better if you pick the basil from your back garden in the summer somewhere in the Mediterranean. Every time I go back home in Greece I cook this at least once, but living in “sunny” UK I have to rely on what is available here…

  • White Chicken Soup


    I am going to start this journey with a dish that means a lot to me. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood and was one of my favourite dishes my mother used to cook for me. It is really simple, but sometimes simplicity is the best way forward.

  • Baked chicken strips


    Baked chicken strips with creamy potato mash

    This is a relatively simple dish to prepare. It is definitely much better than the frozen chicken nuggets you can buy in the supermarket and for sure a lot healthier. Try and make this with your kids as I am sure they will really enjoy it. Getting your kids involved with the cooking, is going to help them better understand the importance of the ingredients, the process and will help them try more things. My daughter Elena is still too young to help me in the kitchen (4 months old).

  • Ramen Soup


    Theo’s Ramen noodle soup with tuna, prawns and vegetables

    I remember the first time I tried a bowl of Ramen in London, I fell in love ever since. I am aware that the “proper” Ramen requires hours and hours of preparation, the right ingredients and of course the right experience. I have tried it before to compose all the various elements (chicken fat, pork fat, Shio Tare, Katsuobushi salt, double soup, rye noodles, Menma and pork belly Chashu as per “Ivan Orkin”) and I spent 4 days of preparation, the end result was amazing, but realistically unless you have a Ramen restaurant it is probably a lot of work to do it “properly” on a regular basis. I have found the way below to make my Ramen relatively fast and really tasty.

  • Yemista


    VIDEO - Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs

    If you have been in Greece for holidays, this is probably a dish you came across in any traditional Greek tavern. Yemista is a celebration of Greek summer, when vegetables are at their prime, every household prepares this dish. It is normally stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs, but you might also find stuffed onions and courgettes. There is also a variation with beef and pork mince. When it comes to Yemista, I like mine orphans (no meat) and this is how I make them.

  • Chocolate Souffle


    I don’t think there are many people who don’t like chocolate. Especially when it is in the form of a hot chocolate souffle with a moist center. The secret to any successful dessert comes down to the measurement of the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients.

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On the day of the event, i will arrive at your home and will do all the appropriate preparations for the meal. Depending on the menu i might need to be there a few hours earlier.

During the meal i will serve the dishes or prepare the buffet. Once the meal is complete, i will clear the dishes, clean the kitchen and then leave. Discreetly.

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